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Sonoran Desert National Monument

Look to Sonoran Desert National Monument for the most convenient access. Comprised of 487,000 of the Sonoran Desert’s most diversely scenic acres, the monument is home to climber-favorite paths like the 7-mile, moderately difficult Margies Cove Trail and the lengthy but easy Big Horn Trail — both are less than an hour’s drive from Sonora Lake, via highways 85 and 8, respectively.

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White Tank Mountains Regional Park

Just west of the Phoenix area, the White Tank Mountains Regional Park, with its flagship Waterfall Trail, is worth the hour-or-so drive from Sonora Lake. An especially easy walk, the trail is shaded by the towering White Tanks in the afternoon, and, depending on rainfall, its namesake waterfall can be a gently splashing pour or a mighty and majestic cascade.

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Historic Downtown Buckeye

If you're keen on that type of family-friendly atmosphere, Historic Downtown Buckeye shows off its cowboy culture with the annual Buckeye Days celebration every January. There you'll find everything from a turn-of-the-century cattle drive parade to rodeo action, a steak cook-out dinner, auctions, street dancing, and Dr. Buck's Wild West Show. It's a window into the Old West and it all centers around Main Street in Buckeye, less than an hour north of Sonora Lake.

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Hiking at Camelback Mountain

Camelback is considered one of the best hiking destinations in the nation, and its popularity means parking at both of the summit trailheads can be limited from sunrise to sunset, every day. Late-morning and early afternoon visitors should be prepared for a short wait, and RVers with a smaller vehicle in tow are advised to unhook it for the occasion.

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Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant, a man-made reservoir on the northern edge of the Phoenix area is great for a day hike followed by a dip in the water. And less than two hours north of there, Sedona attracts hikers the world over with an endless supply of astonishing red-rock views from an endless sprawl of trails suitable for all ages and skill levels.

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Joe Foss Shooting Complex

Dedicated in honor and memory of John C. Butler, who gave his life in World War II’s Battle of Midway, the Main Rifle and Pistol Range features a maximum distance of 200 yards, accommodating all types of firearms and excluding only .50 BMG cal., fully automatic weapons. Most ammunitions are welcome as well, with the exception of armor piercing, incendiary, tracer, and exploding varieties. Shotguns being fired on the range also must use slugs as opposed to birdshot or buckshot.

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Sofia's Mexican Food

Hungry visitors to the Southwest would be remiss not to try some Mexican cuisine, and the closest place to sample that signature Sonoran sizzle is Sofia’s Mexican Food, located right on Pima Street. Sofia’s offers the quintessential family-style, sit-down experience and the fare is the most authentic travelers will find for miles and miles in any direction. Try any of Sofia’s burritos enchilada style to take advantage of the broad salsa selection.

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Space Age Restaurant

If family-friendly fun, and a little milder fare, are your fancy, check out the Space Age Restaurant, just a bit further west down Pima Street. Adorned with an actual flying saucer on its roof, the restaurant offers Americana diner classics like breakfast, soups, sandwiches, and chicken strips – all with a alien-themed setting. Check out the gift shop for charmingly cheesy, out-of-this-world items.

Humberto's Mexican Food

Passers through without the time to sit down may prefer Humberto’s Mexican Food. The “‘berto’s” suffix, as central Arizona visitors will come to find, is shorthand for burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and more, wherein huge portions of ingredients are prepared fresh, are served up incredibly fast, and are unbelievably cheap. Humberto’s is no exception to the rule. Try the carne asada burrito for a hearty example – it’ll rival your forearm in size.

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Luke Air Force Base Air Show

March 10th-March 11th @ 08:00 am

The annual Luke Air Force Base Air Show is held every March at Luke Air Force Base. The day promises thrills for history buffs, aircraft fanatics, and anyone who loves things that are loud, fast, and soaring through the air. Not only do the Blue Angels headline the festivities, but teams like the Red Bull Jumpers have been known to perform and historic wartime air offensive reenactments are a regular highlight. Fanatics can also enjoy up-close looks at a variety of aircraft from throughout the decades.

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Spring Training

February 1st-April 1st @ 01:00 pm

Things swing into action with Spring Training in late February and the big-leaguers round the bases through the end of March. The Phoenix area is home to the Cactus League, which sees MLB teams like the hometown Diamondbacks and nationwide favorites the Chicago Cubs go to bat. Goodyear Ballpark, less than an hour's drive from Sonora Lake, is the Spring Training home of the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds.

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October 13th @ 10:00 am

There's not much flying going on at the annual NoFlyZoneARIZONA event. Just 20 minutes south of Sonora Lake, Gila Bend Municipal Airport hosts an October Sunday jam-packed with side-by-side half-mile racing, showings by several car clubs, and all sorts of pop-up shops.

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